Tuesday, February 19, 2013

One Of The Best Gifts Ever!

I stopped by the "new" place today to check on the mail.

This package arrived, all wrapped up real pretty like.

I can tell you I already knew what it was, and I couldn't have been more excited or grateful.

It is a photo taken of our four peeps last year, early fall.

The photographer Justine Johnson is amazing!

I can honestly say that if we had a fire, and I had to grab something before I ran out the door... this photo would be it!

Justine captured our peeps like she knew them.

Like they were her family.

That is a gift.

This girl has it.

I am so grateful for her talent, because even though I might take photos of others from time to time, I haven't had a really good, I can see and feel the love, kinda photo of our kids in a long time.

Justine caught that.

The love our peeps have for one another.

It brought tears to this mom's eyes.

Thank you Justine.  <3


See more of Justine's amazing work here.

If you live in Maine, or if you want her to travel to you, and need amazing photos of those you hold dear...have her do it.

You will NOT be disappointed with her work.

It will bring tears to your eyes.

Promise.  ;)

Hugs From My Heart