Monday, February 18, 2013

Downton Disappointment

Did you see last nights season finally of Downton Abbey?

Normally, Blue Eyes watches some kinda zombie movie at the same time that Downton is on, and I would watch it today, on my laptop.

Works for us.  ;)

But Blue Eyes knew I was sad after having to say bye to Sophie, so he told me to watch Downton instead.

He's just that good.

Anyway, the first thing he said to me in bed this morning was, "how was your show last night?"


I couldn't even remember anything of the whole show except for the last maybe 2 minutes.

I found that I wasn't the only Downton lover who was upset about last nights season finally.

And then I read this,

Monday Morning Blues, Downton Style

which you can find, here.

She explains it all, and even though I still didn't like the ending, I understand the "why" behind it.

So, this will spoil the show if you haven't already seen it.

Don't read until you do.

And yes, I will still watch next season.

After all...

Hugs From My Downton Abbey Loving Heart


  1. Me too! I will be watching next year-I am hooked!
    xo, Lissy

  2. it was stupid! but i was expecting it since someone spoiled it for me.. so i didn't cry like I did for cybil.. instead i was just angry.. and i understand the reason behind the decision, the actor wanted to leave the show..but it's still unfair.. they should have binding contracts that don't let them leave until we want them to leave...
    I'm sure I will watch the next season but I don't think I can imagine Mary with anyone else.. ever. so there lies the conflict.